He was the one survivor on a tiny moon on the outer frontier.

An undying thirst for vengeance set him on a course to succeed or die trying.

She was a corp princess with a passion to serve others in law.

Now, she is Lady Justice, her indomitable will released to hunt down those who flaunt all she holds dear.

From the farthest points in the UTC, two humans dared to believe they might protect humanity for different reasons. Together, they take their war to the highest levels in the Confederation.

Not everyone desires change.

He will have vengeance, no matter the cost. She will dig for the truth, no matter how risky it is to reveal.

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An incredibly good fictionalized accounting of humanity’s future, and what Lin and Blackwell uncovered that shook the foundations of both the powerful and the elite.” – UFE Interstellar News.

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